Kanban Information

Organizations are constantly looking for a better way to manage inventory control, but many systems can be complex or expensive. Akro-Mils offers many products that are ideal for implementing and maintaining a simple, but effective Kanban system.

Kanban is Japanese for “signboard” or “billboard” and is a system for scheduling the movement of inventory through the use of visual indicators. Akro-Mils offers several kanban solutions for visually identifying when a container is empty and needs to be refilled, a crucial component of any inventory management system.

One example of a Kanban system is the Indicator Bin which is used as a Single-Bin Kanban System. In a single-bin Kanban system, a single bin is divided into primary stock and reserve stock. Once the primary stock is empty, the bin is turned around to reveal a bright indicator color, alerting users that the bin needs refilled soon. The reserve stock allows work to continue until the bin can be refilled.

Another useful Kanban tool is the 30237 AkroBin which can be used as a Two-Bin Kanban System. The 30237 fits perfectly on 18" deep shelving with one bin in front of the other. In a two-bin Kanban system, the front bin is used until empty. The front bin is then removed and the rear bin is pulled forward for use. The empty front bin is given to the materials manager as a sign that this bin needs to be refilled.