customer terms

All standard customer terms apply unless otherwise stated.  Terms and conditions are available in our confidential dealer price list.

DELIVERY:  Within Continental United States: FOB Origin.

TERMS:  Net 30 Days. (additional cash discounts are not permitted)


LATE PAYMENT:  A charge of 1-1/2% per month will be assessed on all past due invoices and unpaid balances.

DISCREPANCIES:  Will not be honored after twelve months from invoice date for terms, delivery fees, prices or allowances.

DELIVERY: Within Continental United States: FOB Origin.

DROP SHIPMENTS: Assessed 2% for shipments under $250.00 and 1% for shipments above $250.00. Qualifications for Akro-Mils drop shipment distribution is by written agreement only.

METHOD OF SHIPMENT AND ROUTING:  Akro-Mils will exercise best judgment in selecting the type of
carrier and routing of all shipments where customer has not furnished special instructions. Akro-Mils
will not accept liability for shipping charges incurred from customer shipping changes.

DELIVERY: Estimates for delivery charges are given in good faith and are not guaranteed. Akro-Mils assumes no responsibility for delayed deliveries due to production delay, shortage of material, strikes, war, inclement weather, acts of God, or other causes beyond our control.

ALL PRICES QUOTED include standard domestic packaging. An extra charge will apply whenever special
packaging requirements are specified; either for domestic, export, or U.S. Government sealed packing,
based on the extra cost incurred to fulfill these requirements. Consult the Akron, Ohio office for quotes
to determine the extra charge to be levied in each case.

SHIPPING WEIGHTS are carefully estimated on quotations and printed material. Some variations in
actual ship weight is to be expected. Akro-Mils does not guarantee ship weight estimates.

MERCHANDISE RETURNS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED and will not be accepted for credit unless specified
written permission and shipping instructions are furnished in writing by the Akron, OH office. Specially
manufactured goods are not returnable for credit. Authorized returns will be accepted subject to
inspection. A minimum service charge of 25% will be levied on cost of handling, inspection and restocking.
All authorized returns must be unused and in the same condition it was received. Returned
merchandise must be shipped prepaid in the original packaging. Requests for return authorization must
be received no later than 90 days after invoice date.

DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE: Do not return any defects; hold all items in question for physical inspection
by an Akro-Mils authorized representative. Goods damaged in transit are not eligible for return or credit.

ORDER CANCELLATIONS:  will not be accepted without written authorization from Akro-Mils.
Cancellation of orders already scheduled or in process are subject to charge for expenses due as a result
of the authorized cancellation.

SALES TAXES:  Local, state, and federal sales tax, if applicable, are not shown in this price list and are
additional when products are resold by authorized distributors to users subject to such taxes.

SALES TAX EXEMPTION: Authorized distributors must file a sales tax exemption (resale) certificate with
Akro-Mils to be sales tax exempt.

LIMITED WARRANTY:  Akro-Mils warrants that the product contained herein will be free from defects in
material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If the product fails within
one year due to defects in material or workmanship Akro-Mils will opt to repair or replace the unit
provided the product was used in an application which it was designed and subjected to normal use and
service. All warranty returns must be prepaid freight and accompanied by a proof of purchase.

BRAND RECOGNITION:  Akro-Mils’ name and logo should be appropriately displayed with our products
when illustrated in a catalog, flyer, or other advertising piece. High resolution product images and logos
for print and electronic use can be downloaded from our website: Library

ESD PRODUCTS: Reasonable variations in the precise electrostatic properties of the compounds
described may be materially affected by the molding techniques applied and by the size and shape of
the items. No assurance can be implied that all molded articles will have the same properties as shown.


INSTRUCT YOUR DRAYMAN NOT TO ACCEPT goods from the Transportation Company unless they are in
perfect condition. If he discovers any damage, the Carrier’s Agent will make the proper notation on the

CONCEALED DAMAGE: Should the damage not be discovered until after the goods are unpacked, file a
report IMMEDIATELY to the Carrier's Agent. The Agent will make an inspection and grant a "Concealed
Damage" notation. Unless this is done, all goods replaced or repaired due to damage will be at YOUR
expense. Akro-Mils cannot be held responsible for the carelessness or negligence of the Transportation
Company - Akro-Mils certifies that all goods leave our shipping point and are signed for by the
Transportation Company in perfect condition.